Charis Cara Treatment

The secret of the Charis Cara treatment is a unique combination of various treatment systems to loosen and reactivate skin and muscles. The treatment leads to profound relaxation and can become your personal path to natural beauty.

  • 75 pampering minutes basic treatment: € 105.00
  • 90 pampering minutes: € 120.00

The Charis Cara treatment is a technique where the skin and muscles in the face, neck, and neck area are massaged with moderate pressure. This massage stimulates nerves, skin, and connective tissue, leading to deep detoxification of the skin and muscles through the lymphatic system, improved blood circulation, sufficient energy through the meridians, reactivation of muscle function, and tightening of facial and neck areas.

The Charis Cara treatment not only loosens muscle tension but also emotional tension, leading to greater well-being and balance. The point-specific treatment method enables deep relaxation, clears our thoughts, frees the mind, and allows for a stress-free perspective on things.

Our experienced masseurs and masseuses offer a basic treatment of 75 pampering minutes and a 90-minute treatment. Contact us today to make an appointment and let us help you relax and rejuvenate.

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