"Ili ili Wela" Hot Stone Massage

Experience a unique massage with hot basalt stones, practiced and passed down for thousands of years by Chinese, Indian, and Hawaiian shamans.

  • 60 pampering minutes: € 87.00

Our Ili ili Wela Hot Stone Massage is a unique experience that deeply relaxes you and revitalizes your body and mind. The massage starts with gentle movements to loosen the tissue before hot basalt stones are placed on specific energy centers of your body. The stones emit warmth and promote circulation, while our experienced masseurs and masseuses massage your muscles with gentle movements. The massage not only has a relaxing effect on the body, but also on the mind.

The Ili ili Wela Hot Stone Massage is an effective method for reducing stress and restoring your energy. Our masseurs and masseuses use special hand movements to release muscle tension and activate the energy centers in the body. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated after enjoying this massage.

We also offer a 90-minute Ili ili Wela Hot Stone Massage that gives you even more time to relax and enjoy. Contact us today to make an appointment and let us help you relax and rejuvenate.

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